Package to install a regular Laravel Starter Kit with a non-regular different design theme.

The package suggests to install Laravel Breeze (Tailwind) or Laravel UI (Bootstrap) starter kit, and adds the chosen design theme on top.

Notice: if you want more functionality than just the Starter Kit, check our premium product QuickAdminPanel.


This package should be used immediately after installing Laravel. If you add any more functionality, like routes or controllers, they may get overridden by Larastarters.


  1. Install fresh Laravel project

  2. Run composer require laraveldaily/larastarters --dev

  3. Run php artisan larastarters:install - it will show a wizard to choose the starter kit and the theme (options are listed below)

  4. Run npm install && npm run dev

  5. That's it, you have Laravel Auth starter, just visit the home page and click Log in / Register

Available Themes

In the current version, there are 7 themes supported.

Tailwind Themes with Laravel Breeze

Notice: Tailwind themes are slightly tweaked to work on Tailwind v2.

Example screenshots from Windmill theme:

Bootstrap Themes with Laravel UI

Pre-Installed Functions

Along with the design themes, we add a few features that are typical for almost any project:

  • Profile management form to change name/email/password

  • A sample table of Users list

  • A sample static text page

  • Two-level menu on the sidebar

Want more functions? Raise an issue with your suggestion, or check out our QuickAdminPanel.

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